Our Friends at Recipe Buddies Help us Save on Dog Food!

Good afternoon. This is Andrew from Recipe Buddies. If you’re like us, you know you need to save money. The economy is a disaster.

How many dogs do you have? Are you a dog lover? I’m sure you are. If you’re like us, you’re a dog lover! But you know what, dogs are expensive. So what I wanna talk to you about is coupons for your pets and all different types of offers that are on Recipe Buddies. We have Pet Co., $5 off on $50–that’s 10%. Then you have the so-called Major $15 off on a $100 or more for your pet supplies, that’s 15%. That’s pretty good. How about, would you want 10% off and a free shipping from Pet Co.–guess what, come to Recipe Buddies! It’s here, there’s all kinds of cool, cool coupons for your favorite person–I mean your dog. Even Target has pet coupons.

And you what? Unfortunately, dogs get sick. So at 1-800-petmeds, their coupon is you get 5% off your order. That’s not bad, you get free shipping over $39. Have you ever heard of Pet Care Rx, you get $5 off on your Pharm 1 plus! Pet Mountain, you get fre shipping on a $150. There’s all kind great deals on Recipebuddies.com. Recipebuddies.com is built for you, if you’re a working person like us and you wanna save money. Well, we wanna save money on our favorite animals–our favorite dogs and we got the brands, we got the good stuff, pet smart–we’ve got free shipping.

So I invite you to come to recipebuddies.com and check out the free coupons for your favorite animal–not animal, favorite person, your dog is your animal–we love all animals. Come to recipebuddies, check it out, save some money.

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