If you’re looking for blue buffalo coupons then you’ve come to the right place. BlueBuffaloCoupon.com is dedicated to bringing you great from all around the net.


We love hearing from our readers, therefore please feel free to drop us a line at support@bluebuffalocoupon.com if you have any great links to more blue buffalo coupons.

You can also register here to be added to our blue buffalo mailing list. Sign up now and be informed any time we add new coupons.

Please note that the company does not offer many blue buffalo coupons each week and as such it can be difficult to find the right coupon for the particular store you use to buy your dog food. Check back soon for more information on where to find you dog food coupons.

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Our Friends at Recipe Buddies Help us Save on Dog Food!

Good afternoon. This is Andrew from Recipe Buddies. If you’re like us, you know you need to save money. The economy is a disaster.

How many dogs do you have? Are you a dog lover? I’m sure you are. If you’re like us, you’re a dog lover! But you know what, dogs are expensive. So what I wanna talk to you about is coupons for your pets and all different types of offers that are on Recipe Buddies. We have Pet Co., $5 off on $50–that’s 10%. Then you have the so-called Major $15 off on a $100 or more for your pet supplies, that’s 15%. That’s pretty good. How about, would you want 10% off and a free shipping from Pet Co.–guess what, come to Recipe Buddies! It’s here, there’s all kinds of cool, cool coupons for your favorite person–I mean your dog. Even Target has pet coupons.

And you what? Unfortunately, dogs get sick. So at 1-800-petmeds, their coupon is you get 5% off your order. That’s not bad, you get free shipping over $39. Have you ever heard of Pet Care Rx, you get $5 off on your Pharm 1 plus! Pet Mountain, you get fre shipping on a $150. There’s all kind great deals on Recipebuddies.com. Recipebuddies.com is built for you, if you’re a working person like us and you wanna save money. Well, we wanna save money on our favorite animals–our favorite dogs and we got the brands, we got the good stuff, pet smart–we’ve got free shipping.

So I invite you to come to recipebuddies.com and check out the free coupons for your favorite animal–not animal, favorite person, your dog is your animal–we love all animals. Come to recipebuddies, check it out, save some money.

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Another Great Dog Food Company – Beneful Dog Food Coupons

Do you have a hungry little one at home? Beneful dog coupons can help you save on a pet food brand. Passed coupons have offered percentages off and other money-saving extras. Beneful is a Purina brand of healthy, flavorful dog food and snacks. They manufacture both dry and moist dog food in a variety of special recipes. These provide dogs with a balanced diet and enables them to live healthy, active lives. You might start your coupon search by visiting the parent site of the Beneful dog food brand, Purina.

On the site, you can sign up to follow Purina on facebook and twitter. These two locations can provide you with latest in coupons and promotional information from Beneful. Printable coupons can also be found directly on Purina website home page. Most coupons featuring discounts for Beneful come in the form of a Purina manufacturer’s coupon. Under the product section of the site, is a coupon and offers section, where the latest promotions and coupons are always listed. Dog owners can also register to receive a newsletter from Beneful that may contain coupons from time to time.

Since the brand is available at most grocery and pet supply stores, it may also prove helpful to look at the websites of each specific retailer for coupons that can be used towards it. For example, Pet Smart often has coupons for Beneful available. Don’t forget to check your local newspaper for coupons item, Beneful is often featured.

For more coupons and deal-saving opportunities, head over to askforadeal.com

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Are you having trouble finding blue buffalo coupons?

I’m getting a lot of emails from people who are getting discouraged by the lack of blue buffalo coupons available both online and in National and local newspapers.

It seems as though the company doesn’t use coupons as a significant advertising tool to push its product. We do our best to scour the internet for new blue buffalo dog food coupons, however there doesn’t seems to be a lot available.

Blue Buffalo Coupons 2011 June and July

Keep posted for more blue buffalo coupons in June and July of 2011

Don’t forget that you can get a $5 blue buffalo coupon by visiting the main company site and signing up for their mailing list. This is one of the proven ways of actually getting a coupon from the blue buffalo company.

I have however seen lots of local coupons for dog food including some for blue buffalo products for June and July 2011. I’ll do my best to scan them and upload them to the site if I find anymore.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to bring you more coupons shortly.


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Blue Buffalo Cat Food Coupons

We’ve spent so much time looking for Blue Buffalo Dog Food Coupons that we totally forgot about all the cat lovers out there. Well, I guess we didn’t completely forget. We did include a page discussing some cat food coupons early, however we’ve yet to post any significant coupons.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Coupons

Cat Food Coupons - Blue Buffalo

So, here we go, on the search for some cat food coupons.

We’ll keep you all posted!


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Why Blue Buffalo Dog Food is the Healthiest Dog Food

Finding the right food for your pet dog is very important and should be done carefully. After all, whatever becomes part of your dog’s diet can affect his health and his overall well-being. However, with all the dog food brands available in the market, this initial step can often be a headache. Several marketing strategies are being made to make products look good when they actually can be a little hazardous to the one using it.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue is actually a dog, an Airedale, owned by Bill and Jackie. He became a part of the family and was treated as if he were human. However, Blue was stricken with cancer and lost the fight. During his entire ordeal, the family did some research on the causes of the cancer and found out that it is actually among the top causes of death not just among dogs but also in cats as well. There were actually a lot of ways in which the cancer could have been prevented and this included reducing their exposure to environmental toxins, which can be found at just about anywhere – in rugs, carpets, food, water and even air.

Experts in dog nutrition were consulted on the creation of a dog food that could help fight off the harmful environmental toxins that led to cancer and thus Blue Buffalo was born. Among the products that were developed was the Blue Life Protection Formula, for the dogs. However, Blue Buffalo did not just specialize in dog nutrition but also in cats as well, thus the Blue Spa Select cat food.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Coupon 2011

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Coupon 2011

What makes Blue Buffalo dog food a hit?

One of the main reasons why Blue Buffalo is popular among dog and cat owners is the ingredients that are being used in their products. Unlike the cheaper alternatives that contain chemicals and other processed ingredients, Blue Buffalo is an all natural product which contains real chicken, lamb or fish. Blue Buffalo products also have whole grains, fruits and vegetables – which are all fresh, by the way – to help keep one’s cat or dog healthy. Blue Buffalo dog food also does not contain corn, present among most dog foods, wheat, preservatives or even artificial colors.

A special formulation that comes with the Blue Buffalo dog food is its LifeSource Bits, which is a special blend of nutrients and antioxidants. This mixture has been cold-formed for an increase in potency. To fight the negative impact brought about by the harmful toxins in the environment, these LifeSource Bits also have vitamins and minerals to give an added protection to your dog and cat.

I want to purchase Blue Buffalo dog food but…

Aside from being a healthy choice for your dogs, Blue Buffalo dog food also gives pet owners certain benefits in the form of coupons as well. There is no longer a need to hesitate in purchasing the dog food brand – Blue Buffalo coupons are available all over the internet to make sure that customers would get access to discounts and promos offered by the company.

Most of the time, Blue Buffalo coupons can be used during online purchases, which customers should take advantage of, by the way. Not only will one save money through discounted prices but they also get to save on time and effort for not having to make a trip to the local pet store to buy Blue Buffalo products. All one has to do is wait for the orders to arrive right in their doorstep – with no additional charges.

Many pet shops and other big stores, like Target and Walmart, offer discount coupons to their customers. You could subscribe to their mailing list or their newsletters so you can have an update on what items they are giving discounts on. You just might be lucky enough to find Blue Buffalo coupons that you can use on your next purchase.

Other coupons websites and blogs also provide access to such coupons online and all you need to do is have them printed out, even without becoming a member of the site, and place the coupons on a safe location, such as your purse, so that they can easily be pulled out when you need them.

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Finding Blue Buffalo Coupons Online – Tips and Tricks

The best way to get your hands on a Blue Buffalo Coupons is to go online. You can just go to your favorite search engine like Google and type in Blue Buffalo Coupons and you will be given a list of links which will take you to different websites. The websites may offer discount coupons or rebate codes for Blue Buffalo dog and cat foods. Look also for printable coupons and make sure you print out the one with the correct validity.

Common sense also tells you that these coupons may also be found on the Blue Buffalo website. So head on straight to the Blue Buffalo home website and get the tried and tested $5 Blue Buffalo coupon. You can get this coupon by taking the True Blue Test where you have to compare the dog food you are using for your dog and the Blue Buffalo dog food. You just have to register your email address with them and you can get your Blue Buffalo $5 coupon.

For a more direct way of getting a coupon, you can fill up a registration form in the Blue Buffalo website and you will then be mailed a coupon. The policy is you get one coupon per household.

When you visit your local pet food store, do not hesitate to ask them about Blue Buffalo discount coupons. Some pet food stores have promo coupons that they can give out to their customers so you should inquire about this.

If you finally have a Blue Buffalo coupon, you have to check its validity. The first thing you should look at is the expiration date of the coupon. Usually, Blue Buffalo coupons are only valid for a limited time. Some coupons are only valid for certain items and not all of the Blue Buffalo products. Just check your coupons first before you use it.

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Having Trouble Finding Blue Buffalo Coupons? – Let us Help

If you want quality and healthy pet food for your cats and dogs, then the only brand you have to get in the pet store is Blue Buffalo. The difference of Blue Buffalo pet food with other brands is that it offers human-grade ingredients that is not only healthy for your pets but it also tastes good for them. Blue Buffalo made sure that their pet foods do not contain any artificial ingredients, preservatives and by-products. They know how you love your pets so they include only the best, healthy and natural ingredients for your cats and dogs.

Blue Buffalo is absolutely the best value for your money. However, wouldn’t it be much nicer if you can get a discount for your next purchase of Blue Buffalo? The price of Blue Buffalo is a bit higher than its competitors because all the ingredients are specially handpicked and of high quality. This article will show you how you can find Blue Buffalo coupons that can help you save some money on your pet food budget.

You can get Blue Buffalo Coupons in mailings and in the newspaper or magazines. However, since the Blue Buffalo brand does not usually go on sale it is hard to find these coupons.

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Coupon Mom Helps You Save on Your Grocery Bill

If you’re interested in saving on dog food and not paying full price for your Blue Buffalo Dog Food Purchases then you are probably also interested in hearing about other ways to cut down on your grocery bill. Here’s a great video from the “Coupon Mom” that can help you with just this task:


When I first started working on saving money, I thought of it as a fun game, instead of picking it up as a chore. Especially at a grocery store, they’re so many programs and promotions that you can put together to save a lot of money.
For the past 9 years, I have been interacting with shoppers and teaching them how to save money. And they ask me the same questions over and over again; “How can I do this quickly?” “How can I save like you save?” “How can I find good coupons?” “How do I figure out my store?” And it just made sense to put everything that I learned over the past 16 years into a book that is very easy to understand. So any shopper can pick up the book and find the topics that interest them, and learn how to save in those areas immediately.

One of the best ways to save money is to stock up on items when they’re on great deal. And the way to do that is to have multiple coupons. Now I actually collect multiple copies of the Sunday paper. So I have 5 of these coupons I can buy 5 items. I’ll stock them up and I won’t ever have to pay full price.

This store has items that are 10 for $10. You need to know, actually, you don’t have to buy 10 items. I have a coupon for $0.50 that the store will double. So I’ll get the item absolutely free because I know I only have to buy one. One of the tricks I teach in my book is how to interpret coupons so you can save the most money. So for example, this coupon says save $1 off any baby product–you go by what the coupon says and not necessarily the items pictured.

One of the tricks to save the most of coupons is to get coupons for items you like. In my book I talked about how you can actually e-mail companies and ask them to send you coupons and some will. Many people ask me hoe they can save money on organic food and actually there are a lot of coupons for organic food. This item is usually $2.50, it’s on sale for $1, I have a coupon for $0.75, so I’ll pay just $0.25 for an organic item that I liked.

Before I knew how to be a strategic shopper I can remember going to the store and feeling stressed because the register price will go up and up and up. But now that I’m a strategic shopper I enjoy seeing that register price go up because I know when I hand them my card and hand them my coupons, the price is gonna come way down. Going to the grocery store is no longer stressful, now it’s fun.

Now it’s time to check out. This is the fun part. So before any savings, my total is $114.28. I give them the store discount card, and that brings it down to $78.95. But the fun part, is the coupons. One I giv all my coupons, I end up saving another $77.33, I pay only $1.62 for $114 worth of grocery. That’s what I call fun!

My hope is that other families will read this book. They’ll learn how to be strategic shoppers, it’ll ease the financial stress and most of all, they’ll have fun saving big money.

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Coupon for Burbank Area

For anyone living in Burbank we have a great coupon that is expiring soon. Sorry I couldn’t find something more national, however the company doesn’t seem to send out very many national coupons. In any event at least we have something for Burbank. Enjoy!

Blue Buffalo Coupon June 2011

Blue Buffalo Coupon for Burbank

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Blue Buffalo Coupons on Ebay

Hi Everyone


I originally reported that Ebay was a good place to find Blue Buffalo Coupons, however I was misinformed. Apparently most (if not all) of the Blue Buffalo Coupons being sold on Ebay are fake and should not be purchased.

Buyer beware…please don’t fall victim to fraudulent coupon purchases!!

The one place I didn’t look for coupons was the first place that I should have looked. Believe it or not, but Ebay, on certain occasions actually has people that are selling blue buffalo coupons.

It doesn’t look like there are lots of coupons for sale, however those that are available will save you lots on your next purchase. Here is what I’ve found so far:

  1. Someone is selling 6 coupons for Blue Buffalo Dog Food for only $59.99. Looks like an overall saving of $168 on dog food. You can view the Blue Buffalo Coupon Auction here.
  2. I was going to post each individual auction here but it’s probably easiest if I leave a link to the Ebay seach instead: shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=m570&_nkw=blue+buffalo+coupon

I hope that helps everyone in their search for Dog Food Coupons. Please let me know how it does!

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